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A Great Book To Read - RULES OF CIVILITY

I just finished reading this book and still thinking about the characters a week later.  I've been telling

everyone I know to pick it up because it's that good.  Not many books have an interesting start, a

gripping middle, and a fantastic finish.  Most books lag and get boring in the middle making me flip

pages and scan through the boring bits.  But RULES OF CIVILITY doesn't have any boring bits and I

savored every word and scene.  It's so good, that I went back and reread the Preface and wouldn't

hesitate reading the whole book over again.  The most interesting part?  The main character is a

woman, Katey Kontent, and it's written from a first person point of view.  But here's the kicker...the

author is a man, Amor Towles, and he captured this woman's perspective so beautifully that you would

never have guessed it wasn't a female author.  It's full of young women making their way in the world. 

They are smart and witty and independent.  But there's a cast of male characters who are also quite

vibrant:  Tinker, Wallace, and Dicky are just a few.  It's full of romance but doesn't have a happily ever

after.  It's a happy for now which is fine because it works well this way.  The only part I wished were

different - the character of Val.  I would loved to seem him more developed because he was just getting interesting.